Friday 27 September 2013

The Lyster Family

I've known Clarieth for a couple of years now. She has is one of the sweetest people I know. It was so fun to spend the one of my afternoons with her and her precious little family, while I was in Calgary. I was also elated to have had to opportunity to meet her Mom and Dad, who were visiting form Mexico! Her baby girl is precious, beyond words! Bryan and Clarieth, you have a beautiful family! Thank you for allowing me to spend time with you all and to capture some special moments between you and Allyson!  

Monday 23 September 2013

Newborn - Evie

Yay! I finally have Evie's newborn session up on the blog! Isn't she one of the cutest things you've ever seen!?! And aren't these two the cutest parents you've ever seen!?! We think so! We love these three, more than words can say. It's been a blessing to have met such wonderful friends and to watch each other enter the realm of parenthood. Tyrell and Krista, I love watching you with your sweet, baby girl. In your arms and in your lives, is clearly, where she is meant to be! 

Love always, Erin.

Maternity - Tyrell and Krista

I'm currently catching up on a few blog posts. This session was done a couple months ago, but better late, than never ;-)

I couldn't be more excited for these two! Tyrell and Krista have been wonderful family friends of ours, since we've been married. We feel so blessed that these two (and now three) have been a part of our lives. They are seriously, the cutest couple we know! Krista and I have helped each other through a lot and I couldn't be more honoured that she asked me to capture these special moments for their little family. It's been so fun to witness them become parents and experience the true joy the comes with it. I will be posting their sweet baby girl's newborn session shortly. Be prepared to get baby hungry after you see them because she is ADORABLE!!!