Tuesday 16 August 2016

Birth Story - Cora Mae

I had the privilege of capturing another birth story, a couple of weeks ago, and it made my heart so happy. It’s such an exciting time, to witness a new little one, being welcomed into a loving family. Sharon, was absolutely amazing! She handled this day with such grace and patience.  And her husband, Shawn, knew exactly what she needed. They are an amazing, hilariously fun team. Before labor really started to kick in, they both had me laughing so much, my cheeks hurt! I was seriously in awe, the entire time, as I watched both of them exceed in filling their role before meeting their new baby girl. It just so happens that Sharon is also a good friend of mine, and I felt so honored to be there to capture this special day for her and her family and to help them welcome Miss Cora Mae into the world. This sweet, baby girl is irresistibly cute and is so lucky to have these people to call family.