Family - The Wheatleys

Second to capturing lifestyles of my own family, preserving details for friends and extended family, is when I am the most comfortable and content, behind my lens. I was honoured when the Wheatleys asked me to do a lifestyle session of them hanging out in their new backyard, after their sweet new baby was born. Recently, having just had my 3rd baby boy myself, this session hit close to home. Those first few weeks and months are so precious, as you become familiar with your new normal. I love that these friends of ours, decided to capture some of those moments and details. And I also love that they wanted to take them outside, where these adorable little boys were in their element. This was somewhat of an impromptu session, and Erica's parents happened to be visiting, so naturally we made sure to snap a couple with them as well. There's nothing better than having your Momma present to help, after having a baby. I love that we took a moment to capture a nice image of them together, during this time. Wheatleys, I hope you cherish these images from years to come and remember all the love that fills them.

The Hillers - Fall Mini Session

This session was a dream! The light, the fall colors, and this beautiful family, right here! How cute is this family, people?! I love when good friends ask me to capture moments with their beautiful children. It really means so much to me and I'm always so honored to do so, because I know they'll love looking back at these, as their babies grow.

The Shropshires

Ok! How lucky are these kiddos, to grow up with such an incredible backyard?! This beautiful family is so great! Nikki has been a great friend from the moment that we met and I'm so grateful for her and her welcoming nature. I was honoured when she asked me to take their family pictures. It was so neat to watch these kids play, between each capture, and to see them in their natural element. I hope these images are ones that they cherish for years to come!

The Egberts

This session was so fun to do! I love doing sessions up at the I-Center, on campus. The light has never been a disappointment to my eye. The Egberts are a wonderful family and talk about adorable! Their little kiddos were super good for me also, which is always a plus. Their little boy’s energy reminds me so much of my son. He was so fun! And lets not forget his stunning big Sis. This session, right here, proves that genetics is very real and powerful! I have never seen a little girl look so much like her beautiful Mommy, in my entire life! I noticed this a long time ago, when I first met the Egberts, but while editing these images, there’s no doubt she is nearly a clone of her Momma. Caleb and Ashley, you have an incredibly beautiful family and you two make the perfect team. Thank you for asking me to capture some moments with each other.

The DaBells

These little girls are so darling! They both, recently, celebrated their birthdays. They are full of life and giggles. I love that I get to be around them on a regular basis. They really are, the sweetest little girls I know! The DaBells are a wonderful family and we feel blessed to call them friends. Clark and Andrea, you're girls are beyond adorable! Thank you for allowing me to capture their beautiful energy!

The Rasmussen Family

This family is full of love and laughs! I had so much fun with the Rasmussens. Talk about a beautiful family! This summer, they welcomed baby Luke to their family, and therefore, wanted to capture some moments with each other as a family of 6. It was absolutely adorable, to watch the three oldest interact with baby Luke. These kids are nothing short of loved, and Heidy and Trevor clearly make the perfect team. I've previously interacted with a couple of them at church for various reasons, but this time, it was truly special, to see them all together, as a family unit. 

The McQuay Family

I definitely ended my sessions in Calgary on a high note! I have a special place in my heart for Mother/Daughter relationships. Look at these lovely ladies! All four of them are absolutely stunning! I was in photog heaven, with all this yummy, golden light and this beautiful family. Joelle, I had a great time with you and your girls! You are an amazing Mom and there is no doubt how much you love them. They are precious and so beautiful! 

The Lacey Family

I loved spending one of my last evenings in Calgary, with this family! They were all so relaxed and easy to talk to.  Lisa heard from a friend that I was in town, so she snagged one of my last free evenings, before we came back home. For being a two-hour session, these three kiddos were very well behaved and Lisa was a hoot to talk to! There’s no doubt how much these little ones love their Mom. Anytime she laughed or smiled about something, they immediately followed suit. It was absolutely adorable. I loved watching how she interacted with each of them in their own, special and unique way. Thanks for the fun evening! 

The Havens Family

Kaitlyne and I go way back. It was so nice to see her again, after so many years. She has always been one of the sweetest girls I know. It was so fun to see her, now, as a wife and mother. I had a blast getting to know her husband and son, and to catch up with her. Derek and Kaitlyne, you are a beautiful couple and you have a beautiful little family. It was my pleasure to capture some adorable moments between the three of you!

The Pitts Family

It was a privilege to meet the Pitts family. I had so much fun with them! Her children were so well behaved and it touched my heart to see how tender and loving she was with both of them. In return, it was obvious, how much they love their Momma. Tara, you are an amazing Mother. I truly felt uplifted after your mini session. You are an inspiration to me and, I’m sure, to other Moms around you! You have a beautiful family!

The Trim Family

Let's see if I can keep this one to a small paragraph. What can I say? I absolutely love my Trims. They've been great family friends of ours for almost a decade now. It blows my mind, witnessing time go by so fast. It's been a privilege to watch this beautiful couple raise these three little darlings. I've learned so many things from them. Now that I'm a wife and mother myself, I find myself applying those things I've learned, to my relationships with my husband and son. I will be forever grateful that the Trims are in my life and for the opportunity we have to watch each other's kiddos grow up. Lane and Stacey, thank you for being amazing friends and examples to me and my family. We love you all, more than you'll ever know!

Love Always, Erin

The Worthington Family

This session was the beginning of my first mini session evening, in Calgary. It was great to see Tennille again, and to see how much her children have grown in the past year. At times, the girls were tough eggs to crack, but overall, I feel like it was a success! (I managed to get them to crack a few smiles though…haha). On the other hand, their little guy was all smiles, missing teeth and all. I loved it! Garry and Tennille, you should be very proud of the way you’re raising such beautiful children! Good luck with this next year!

P.S: I will have your disc mailed out to you by the end of the week!

The Quefelec Family

I loved everything about this session. Clearly this family is adorable, and the location was perfect! I’ve known Ashton for over 10 years now, and it was a privilege to see her so happy and so in love. In love, with not only her husband, but her two precious, little girls as well. They are absolutely priceless! And they were a dream to work with! They were both very well behaved, especially for little girls, during a two hour photoshoot, that included being stuck under a gazebo, for 15 minutes, while we waiting for some rain to pass at one point. Fred and Ashton, you have an incredibly beautiful family and you are a stunning couple!

The Lyster Family

I've known Clarieth for a couple of years now. She has is one of the sweetest people I know. It was so fun to spend the one of my afternoons with her and her precious little family, while I was in Calgary. I was also elated to have had to opportunity to meet her Mom and Dad, who were visiting form Mexico! Her baby girl is precious, beyond words! Bryan and Clarieth, you have a beautiful family! Thank you for allowing me to spend time with you all and to capture some special moments between you and Allyson!  

The Poffenberger Family

I loved, Loved, LOVED this session! I've held sessions up at the orchards before, but never around harvest time. It just might be my new favourite location in Rexburg, around this time of year.  Everything about the Poffenbergers is adorable. I had a blast getting to know all of them a bit more. It was so fun to see these cute kiddos in their element, with their parents and to capture some candid moments between the four of them. It was inspiring to see how much they all love and cherish one another. Ryan and Alison, thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture some treasures for your family. 

The Keller Family

I loved every minute of this session! My first session with Rob and Lauren was a maternity shoot, then shortly after that, they booked a newborn session.  It was obvious then, and still is obvious now, how much they love each other and their precious baby boy! I was thrilled when they asked to book a session with me, when Rob's family was in town. It was so fun to meet his parents, sister and brother in law, who traveled from Alaska to spend time with them and sweet baby Camden. I couldn't have asked for a more fun and relaxed session. People like this make me LOVE my job!

Keller Family, I had a wonderful time spending my evening with you all! You truly are a beautiful, fun, and loving family!

Grandparents - The Packards

I was completely inspired by this location. It was stunning! If I had to describe the 'perfect session' to some one, this would be it. 1. Gorgeous Location...check! 2. Perfect Weather...check! 3. Amazing clients...check, check! Not only did I get to shoot at a new location, but this session was one of a kind. Dee and Brenda wanted a session with just them and their Grandchildren. I love seeing Grandparents interact with their Grandchildren. There is definitely a special bond between the two. The Packard Grandkiddies were honestly the best well behaved children I’ve ever worked with. I truly feel blessed to have spent my evening with all of you. Dee and Brenda, you have a beautiful family!

Baby Blessing - Maksim

This was a beautiful day! At six months old, Maksim received his baby blessing. This family has touched my heart, more than I can express. It has been a privilege to be a part of documenting these important milestones in Mak’s life. Maks is an amazing baby boy and has inspired so many people. He is a fighter and a true miracle. Logan and Shalee, you are incredible parents and your children are absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful day!

The George Family

This family/newborn session was so much fun!  I'm glad the weather decided to cooperate so we could capture some images outside. I love how every one of them turned out. Kelsey brought so many cute ideas to the table, before they even arrived. I always love doing stylized shoots, but seem to not have a enough time to plan them, so I was thrilled when she asked if we could do a stylized family/newborn shoot. I was inspired by everything about this session. Ben and Kelsey, I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. You are a beautiful family! Good luck with the move and the new chapter in your lives!

Mother's Day Mini Session - The DaBells

 Sometimes, I honestly can't believe that I get paid to have this much fun! One of my favourite parts of being a photographer, is to capture a child's expression, as they interact with the world around them. There is no doubt here, that Clark and Andrea have created a very loving and happy world for these two little munchkins to live in. It was a privilege to see how they both interact with their beautiful daughters, and with each other. Andrea, you are stunning, inside and out. I hope you and your beautiful family enjoy these images, for years to come!

Mother's Day Mini Session - The Dallings

 I love spring time and all the beautiful colors and lighting it brings. This was my first session of the Mother's Day Mini Sessions. This family was so fun to work with! As you can see, the Dalling women are gorgeous! There's no doubt where these little girls get their amazing eyes from. As I was editing, I kept telling my husband to "come look at this gorgeous family!" MaeLena, you are beautiful inside and out. I am so glad that our paths have crossed and we were able to get to know one another a little bit. I hope you love these as much as I do :-)

The Scholes Family

 I can't even begin to explain how much fun I had with the Scholes! This wonderful family is the real deal. They are beautiful. It was obvious from the moment I stepped into their home that it's filled with love for one another. I'm thrilled that they decided to have a lifestyle session. Since becoming a mother, I have created a special place in my heart for lifestyle photography.  I understand how important it is to remember every little detail, right down to those adorable chubby fingers. And let me tell you, these two kids are the definition of ADORABLE! Kaleb and Brittaney, thank you for inviting me into your home and allowing me to capture those special moments between you and your children!

The Tedford Family

 We chose the BYU-Idaho Center for the location because the morning of, we woke up to a full blown Rexburg blizzard. I never thought about taking pictures here before, but I'm glad we did. It's an overlooked photography gem, with a lot of beautiful, natural lighting. Of course, it did help that I had a gorgeous family to test it all out. This cute couple and their two adorable children are so sweet! I'm so glad our paths crossed and I had the privilege of spending my Saturday morning with them. Aaron and Stephanie, it was wonderful to get to know you and to witness the love that you all have for each other. It was truly a sweet experience.

Brad and Ashlee - 
Graduation and Maternity

Sometimes I find it surreal that this is my job! I had SO much fun with these two! One of the reason why I love to be a photographer, is that I get to meet incredible people, who continue to inspire me, as a photographer and human being. Brad and Ashlee are a beautiful couple with a very exciting road ahead of them! They both graduated, this past April. They are also expecting a baby boy in July! I had the privillege of capturing some graduation and maternity images for them. The love that these two have for each other is beautiful! I am so excited for them to become parents and for the next chapter of their life to begin. Brad and Ashlee, it was a honor to get to know you. Good luck with every thing! You will be incredible parents!


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