End of Summer - Siblings

Ok! How cute are these three?! And talk about a dream to work with! Bella's Mom and Dad decided to book another session, right after Bella's baptism session. I'm so glad they did, because the weather was incredible this particular evening. Not too hot, or not too humid, all while still being able to capture the true essence and color palate that come with summer! Me and my camera are excited to see these little cuties again, for their family session, once the gorgeous West Virginia Fall colors start to set in. Can't wait!

Baptism - Bella

Oh my! This weather. This light! And this girl, right here. Perfection, I tell you. This session is going down as one of my favs. Although, I don't have a girl of my own yet, these images definitely still tugged at my Mommy heart strings. This very wise and sweet girl, recently, made the decision to be baptized. And her parents wanted to capture her just the way she looked on that great day, only a couple short weeks ago, while letting me have some fun of my own. The light was perfect, which helped capture her bright, fun loving personality. Congratulations, Miss Bella, on your baptism!

So grateful for our amazing friends and the trust that they have in me, to capture amazing milestones and moments in their childrens' lives. It really, truly is an honor.

Cake Smash - Fall

This sweet boy has my has my heart. His eyes, that curl, and those charming chubby cheeks. I am completely aware that I'm 100% bias, but this is by far, my favorite Cake Smash Session ;-)

Mini Session - Baptism

This little sweetheart had her baptism yesterday. I had the privilege of taking her baptism pictures a couple days prior. Her family is great friends with ours and I'm so grateful they came into our lives. From the moment we met them, they've made us feel so welcome, in our new home town. We were all so happy to be there for her and her family, to help them celebrate such an important and special day. I was fighting back tears the whole time, because I couldn't help but notice the overwhelming love that her parents and other family members, have for her. It was a blessing to be there and to witness her and her family's strong examples of faith and love.

Cake Smash - Alice

        My sweet niece turned one, last week! I can hardly believe it's been a year already, since that beautiful January day. There are really no words to describe how grateful we are for her, in our lives. It has been so fun to watch her Mommy and Daddy this past year, as they celebrated each milestone and phase of her 1st year. They are the cutest parents and deserve all the happiness and joy that comes with having a child.

      I've taken some time to look through Alice's newborn images, a couple of times this past week and as I did, I couldn't help but be reminded of that sweet, irreplaceable time. I feel so blessed that I was able to make a trip up there to take her newborn pictures and to soak in as much Auntie time, as those 4 weeks could possibly allow. THIS is why you take pictures, people. Not only to remember what your loved ones looked like at different stages, but to remember ALL of those intangible details that life offers.

     This Christmas, we had the opportunity to visit them. Knowing her 1st Birthday was just around the corner, we decided to do a Cake Smash Session with her, while I was in town. I always feel a bit out of my element, when I'm not in my own photography space, with my 'go-to' props, to do sessions such as this, but I love a challenge and of course, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to do this for my niece! My goal for her cake smash was to keep it simple, yet incorporate some meaningful touches. I was on the hunt for wood floors, and good natural light. It worked out great and we found the perfect spot in my brother-in-law's parent's kitchen.

      Since my sister lovingly refers to Alice as their 'rainbow baby', so she decided to make this ADORABLE rainbow tutu and matching head band. Don't you think she did an incredible job?!? Another sweet touch that my sister wanted us to incorporate was, a cupcake, instead of full on cake. When my Sister was pregnant with Alice, they decided to do the gender reveal by wrapping up a vanilla cupcake with pink icing, and had my Mom open it while we all watched. I loved that my Sister thought to use a cupcake instead of a full cake. So simple and so Tracy!

     I love how this Cake Smash turned out and I love this little sweetheart even more. There is something so special about having a niece, and to be called an Auntie.

Happy Birthday my Alice dear! I love you more than words can say!

Mini Session - Laina

This little heart throb was so good for me! I couldn't get over her stunning baby blues! She is such a sweet, pretty girl. I always love when I get to pull out some of my girly back drops and props. When I asked her Mommy what she would be wearing for her Birthday Mini Session, with me, I knew exactly which one I would be using. 

Happy Birthday Laina!

Mini Session - Abigail

This sweet girl came to me to get some birthday pictures done. She was so good for me and obviously so, so ADORABLE! I had so much fun with her and visiting with her family. Abigail has the sweetest parents and I had a great time getting to know them, while being surrounded by all things girlie! (Which  I always love, since I'm outnumbered at my house ;-) )

Happy Birthday Abigail!

Cake Smash - Carson

I always love a good cake smash! I'm pretty sure this was my favorite 'cake smash reaction' I've ever captured. Carson was absolutely hilarious! He was unsure for a split second, at the beginning, but once he tasted that nommy nommy icing, he was ALL over it! Haha. We finished up with a fun baby bubble bath and he loved it. One year olds are so much fun! Their excitement is definitely contagious. I smiled all my way through editing these puppies. To top it off, I got to visit with his wonderful Mommy (who is also a great friend of mine). Sessions like this make me wonder why I even call this a job!?!

Christmas Mini Session - Nora and Mae

How much cuter can you get?!? I'm lucky enough to see these two little beauties on a regular basis. As soon as we moved to Michigan, their sweet and very welcoming parents had us over for dinner, and we've called them friends, ever since. These two sweet girls were so good for me during their session, and, as always, I had a lovely time visiting with their beautiful Mommy. If this doesn't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will! 

Birthday - Emma

Little Miss Emma turned 2, in September and her parents asked me to do a mini session, to document this special time in their little girl's life. She is definitely a mover and shaker, and therefore,  had a riot trying to catch that little grin of hers. She is such a sweet little one and I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to spend half an hour with her and her family. Both of these little girls are adorable! They are always dressed so darling. So, I couldn't help but want to snap a picture of her Big Sis as well, at the end of the session. Dayle and MaeLena, you two are so fun to be around and I love watching you with your girls. You are such a sweet family.

Back to School - Marley

Little Miss Marley was super cute during her 'back to school' photoshoot! It's not very often, that I get to focus all my attention to one child during a photo shoot. I have to say, I really enjoyed it. She was such a doll and so well behaved. I also had a great time, chatting with her beautiful Mommy! Delaine, you are such a wonderful Mom, and it clearly shines through your children. I hope you love these as much as I do!

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