Friday 30 November 2018

Mommy and Daughter

This light, plus these adorable ladies, equal perfection! It's always good for my soul to visit with this incredible Momma and her sweet little one. I was elated when she asked to book a last minute fall session with me. And we lucked out with these colors, weather and yummy evening light! I'm always so happy when anyone puts their trust in me to capture the moments which tell their story, but especially when those people are good friends 💜 It's an honour! Love you, both!

Friday 23 November 2018

Seniors - Brady

  This session was perfect! The lighting. The season. The reason. Boy Moms. I was completely in my element, and love every minute. Raising 3 little boys myself, I couldn't help but think about how fast the time will fly, before my boys are ready for their own senior pictures. There is something so special about raising boys to become men. I have been so impressed with the youth of today. They are strong, confident and smart! I had so much fun with Brady and his Mom. A wonderful young man, and an incredible Momma, who I also am blessed to call a good friend. I look up to her in so many ways, and felt so honoured that both of them trusted me, to capture this exciting time in Brady's life! Congrats again, Brady! You will do amazing things, because of who you are, and who raised you!

Thursday 18 May 2017

Family - The Wheatleys

Second to capturing lifestyles of my own family, preserving details for friends and extended family, is when I am the most comfortable and content, behind my lens. I was honoured when the Wheatleys asked me to do a lifestyle session of them hanging out in their new backyard, after their sweet new baby was born. Recently, having just had my 3rd baby boy myself, this session hit close to home. Those first few weeks and months are so precious, as you become familiar with your new normal. I love that these friends of ours, decided to capture some of those moments and details. And I also love that they wanted to take them outside, where these adorable little boys were in their element. This was somewhat of an impromptu session, and Erica's parents happened to be visiting, so naturally we made sure to snap a couple with them as well. There's nothing better than having your Momma present to help, after having a baby. I love that we took a moment to capture a nice image of them together, during this time. Wheatleys, I hope you cherish these images from years to come and remember all the love that fills them.